Restaurant review: Lu-Ma Cafe

I am constantly searching for healthy, different and yummy restaurants in London. A few months ago I decided to cut any processed sugars and processed foods from my diet. I have been changing my food habits for more than a 2 years now and it has been a very interesting and fun process.

During this personal search to become healthier and more conscious of what I eat and where things come from, I started to discover plenty of alternatives to substitute many of the foods I used to like and crave. Once you understand what it really means to be healthy, then it all becomes easier and you don’t struggle to find satisfying and healthy foods that make you happy.

When we moved to London I wanted a good and fun macrobiotic restaurant that had nice food, cool ambience and mouth watering desserts. It took me more than a year to find it, but a few weeks a go I went to Lu-Ma Cafe and it did not disappoint. 

Lu-Ma is located in Wimbledon, hidden in one of its streets. Its a small, cozy place that has fresh food, all kinds of beverages, a small and very thought out menu and most important of all: amazing desserts! Their chef Angela Agrati Prange is a macrobiotic expert, and has crafted the whole menu so that it is as healthy and appetising as possible. 

I went to Lu-Ma with my husband, which I must say has really been an ally during this process. He has been my partner when it comes to experimenting with food, ways of eating and he has gone to every different restaurant I have set my eye on. That night we decided to order everything from the menu, there were 2 options for every course. This are a few of the photos I managed to take before devouring the whole menu! The textures and flavours were great, and the flaxseed crackers were perfectly crunchy.

Then we moved over to desserts, definitely my favourite part of the evening! I love desserts, but I am very picky on what I have for sweet treats. I avoid processed sugars and processed foods so this was a perfect place for me to indulge.  Of course, we tried both desserts, and since I LOVE chocolate, my preferred one without a doubt was the Chocolate and Hazelnut cheesecake. The texture was creamy and the taste yum! I still dream of it!!


After we finished the whole meal, we decided to take some sweet treats home for the following day. But I must admit that I ate most of it that same night… We took the tahini brownie and the “snickers” bar, and wow! They were just spot on. I really want to come back just to taste the rest of the desserts. They have quite a few to try and they all look incredible.

So, if you want to experience something different, or if you are macrobiotic or vegan, do visit Lu-Ma Cafe. I definitely recommend it. And make sure to have some space for dessert!! This is the best part of the whole evening!!

NOTE: If you want to know more about macrobiotic food, I wrote a post a few weeks back. Even though I am not macrobiotic, I have adapted a few of their ideals into my life and has really helped with my overall well being.

Featured image courtesy of Tessa Rios