How do I detoxify my body?

It is very likely that your body is loaded with toxins. Your kidney may be overworking, your skin is breaking out and your digestive system is not being as efficient as it should be.

We are constantly exposed to chemicals through the food we eat, the oxygen we inhale, the beauty products we use, the medicine we take, and much more. The food we eat is usually filled with chemicals, has added sugar and contains nasty ingredients. These are all things that are leading us away from our health goals. Furthermore, the stress we endure daily is a magnet for toxic materials to get stored and accumulated in our organs.

For this reason it is very important to help the body release all the bioaccumulation of toxins that are harming us and slowing down our path to become healthier, stronger and fitter.

The body is very smart on how it eliminates all the toxic material that is absorbed by food, body products and the environment. It uses different pathways such as the lungs, kidneys, skin, mammary glands and mouth. But, in order for the body to make the process efficient it needs our constant help. If we don’t take some measures, the toxic waste may get stored in the our adipose tissue (our body fat), brain, hair, nails and even the bones.

So,  how do I detoxify my body? There are a few things you can start doing to prevent a toxic excess in your body and to begin to detoxify yourself:

  1. Deep breathing exercises: Stress can impact the digestive system and all the organs that assist with digestion such as the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Making a habit out of deep breathing may help to detox the organs and clean our lungs for a better overall performance.
  2. Get a good night sleep: The term “sleep hygiene” refers to a series of healthy sleep habits that can improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.  It is also essential to get the rest you need for your body to function properly. Therefore, creating a dark, silent and calm atmosphere is important during nighttime to release the hormone melatonin needed to promote sleep. During sleep some of your organs, especially the liver will keep active to get rid of excess toxins retained by the body.
  3. Exercise frequently: Exercise will help to decrease toxic waste because it will reduce stress and encourage deep breathing. Cardiovascular exercises (hiit, rebounding, running, swimming, dancing…) and activities such as yoga and pilates,  will help the body release toxins through breathing, stretching and sweat.
  4. Beauty products: Creams, makeup, shampoo, among others, are products we use daily and can really have a negative impact on our bodies. It is always better to choose products that are organic and that do not have so many chemicals that will be absorbed by our skin and stored in our bodies.
  5. Household products: The cleaning products we use at home are usually filled with very toxic substances.  Since we are always exposed to these chemicals, a smart way to avoid them would be to to buy organic products that are kind to you and the environment. Also there are products that you can make at home.  For example, mixing vinegar with baking soda can help to disinfect and take away nasty debris. Making this kind of changes will help to save you money and improve your health at the same time.
  6. Eat foods that reduce toxic load: There are lots of foods that help you to eliminate waste such as cruciferous vegetables, apples, onion, grapes, blueberries and green tea. There are lots of other foods that help you to eliminate waste, you just have to be a bit creative and challenge yourself to start introducing new foods to fuel your body.

Remember, our bodies are more efficient when we nourish it with good food, exercise ad proper sleep. Make a few changes and you will surely see changes in your energy level, appearance, fitness levels and endurance.

RECIPE: Radish, carrot and lemon salad:

Radish, lemon and carrot are all detoxifying foods. Radish helps to detox the liver, lemon aids digestion and carrot is a great source of antioxidant.

Ingredients: Radishes, carrots, lemon and salt. (The amount of vegetables used will depend on how much you want to make):

  1. Cut the radishes very thinly. A vegetable slicer is ideal to use without wasting any food and getting even pieces.
  2. Shred the carrots with a grater.
  3. Juice the lemon, or lemons. That depends on the amount of radishes and carrots that you will be using.
  4. Mix the radishes and carrots with the lemon juice and add a pinch of salt.
  5. Press the mix tightly, cover and leave in the fridge at least 1 hour. Then it will be ready to serve and enjoy.