Stop body shaming!

There is a concern I have had on my mind for the past several days and it is related to body image and how we reflect ourselves towards society and social media.

Recently, among the 1’000.000 things I see daily on the internet that refers to body issues, I saw a post that spoke about hip dips and how this is seen by many women as a bad feature. This made me think at how we girls are always beating ourselves up for completely insane issues. First of all, COME ON! Stop shaming yourself for everything nature has given you! Instead, celebrate femininity and be proud of who and how you are. A hip dip, belly fat or cellulite does not define you, you define yourself.

Instead of wasting so much time on what is wrong with you, why not just explore what is great about you. Get moving, get in shape and be the best that you can be. Be the best version of yourself.

I am fully aware of the fact that nowadays we are bombarded with millions of pictures of totally perfect and beautiful women. The truth is, these women either live off their bodies and need a strict regimes to look like they do. Or let’s face it, they have been photo shopped. Either way, you must set some goals that are achievable for yourself considering your lifestyle, activity level, body type and any other factors that may affect positively or negatively to achieve these objectives.

Stop obsessing about everything you eat. Instead, eat a healthy diet. Also, make it a daily routine to engage in some sort of activity. And really stick to it! It can be a sport, hitting the gym or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get to your office. As long as you are serious about it, it will become a habit and you will be on your way for success.

Results don’t come by themselves, and obsessing about things we cannot change will not help you get those results you want. Instead, it may drive them further away. All the stress you accumulate will just raise your cortisol levels, helping you to accumulate undesired fat. So, the first step is to relax and help those stress hormones relax as well.

Don’t body shame yourself, be proud of who you are. If you want to be fitter, get off the couch, throw away that bag of chips and get on to it! I mean it.

In the meantime, you can look for accountability in many places, either offline or online. But don’t compare yourself to other people, just follow your own path at your own rhythm.

So, stop body shaming yourself and empower yourself. Be proud of who you are. You define yourself.

Anti-body shaming recipe:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your traits.
  2. State three things you love about yourself and say them outloud.
  3. Put on your exercise clothes, whichever one you want!
  4. Go and kick some ass: Do yoga, power walks, running, HIIT, pilates. Or whatever you want! Just go!
  5. Keep the motivation going every day.