Pilates has changed me

I began taking Pilates classes almost two years ago, and it has completely changed me. Not only is my body slimmer and more feminine, it has also improved my posture and has helped me strengthen my back and abdomen. Furthermore, since my core is stronger it has been very beneficial during my HIIT workouts because I have more control over the movements that require potency.

In an earlier post, I told you about habits (Read: Habits habits habits!) and how they can change your whole life. Pilates became a very healthy habit that I have managed to embed naturally in my life. It all began when I was working in Madrid, all the girls at the office went to Pilates twice a week, so I joined them for fun. Gradually this classes began to make part of my week and whenever I had to miss them, my body felt very stiff. And that is how Pilates came into my life, as a fun activity to share with colleagues. Nowadays I cannot envision my week without having at least one Pilates class.

I use Pilates to recover my body, stretch and get working the muscles that I may not be activating during my HIIT workouts.

If you are not active, it is a fantastic way to begin to introduce movement into your life. It is also beneficial for people who are recovering from injuries, pregnant women, men who are looking to improve their posture, and the list goes on!

Pilates is highly helpful for the body, and I will highlight the benefits that I think are quite important for an everyday life:

CORE: I’m sure you have heard this word millions of times, and if you sense it is important, you are correct! The core is the area that encompasses the whole abdominal region and the lower back. Having a strong core is important because it is what gives support to the rest of your body to perform daily activities: bend over, stand, sit… Basically, every movement the body makes is supported by this wonderful set of muscles. This is where Pilates kicks in, it focuses on core strength in every exercise.

FLEXIBILITY: Even though you are working your muscles, almost every movement in Pilates involves stretching. This in the end helps to have healthy joints, back and to improve your overall body flexibility.

PREVENT INJURIES: Since you are working muscles that you may not be moving or activating in any other way, Pilates it the perfect way to help strengthen the knees, back, abdomen, and much more. In the end this will prevent injuries because you have a body that is in balance.

POSTURE: If you have a desk job, the likelihood that you are sitting more than 8 hours a day is high. We are always on our computers, with are backs hunched and our bodies very still. Pilates to improve posture and strengthen the back to make it healthier on the long run.

If you are going to try out Pilates I strongly recommend you doing so at a studio, this way your posture and movements can be corrected. Pilates is all about slow, conscious movements that will make your body stronger.

 And don’t forget, it’s all about habits. Starting a new routine seems difficult, but once you begin no one can stop you.