There’s a revolution going on

Healthy choices seem to elope people´s minds, and fast food companies have created Frankestein like solutions that appear to be good as an everyday choice.

I entered Dallas airport after a very boring two-hour delay at customs. Finally, I reached costumer assistance in order to find out how I would take the final connection that would take me to Los Angeles. The nice lady at the counter solved all my questions, not before informing me that my flight had a 6 hour delay. Among the information she gave me, I was handed a pamphlet that suggested where I could go shopping and eating.

Since I am always looking for the healthier options to every place I go to, I started skimming through the information given to me and strolled around the airport during the long layover. To my astonishment I realized how blinded we are towards what is considered a “healthy option” and how easily confused we are as consumers.

It stroke me to know that restaurants such as Burger King, McDonald´s, Pizza Hut and Wendy´s had made the cut as healthy choices just because amongst their menus they offer something similar to a salad that surely contains  3000 calories, 60g fat and a preservative full dressing disguised as a healthy option.

Health problems faced today are not only caused by overeating, or people not caring. I really do believe the problem is ignorance towards the subject what is driving us to have a health crisis worldwide.

People do not know how to choose, and do not have the proper guidance for their everyday life to be able to make the ‘right’ decisions. This may happen because the healthier choices seem more expensive, lack of time or the fact that people do not have the resources to know the difference between what they should eat in their daily basis and what they should avoid.

Eventhough the problem seems to be skyrocketing in the United States, it is also spreading heavily in the U.K, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa and many other countries across the world. Go to this link if you would like to learn more about the obesity crisis explained by the World Obesity Federation.

The main purpose to overcome the crisis should  be to give tools to people to be able to take care of themselves on an every day basis.

If anyone has questions about nutrition, I will gladly help those in need. This is the time to act, the health revolution starts now.